Specific care for black and mixed skin.

Black, white, mixed or Asian skin has common points but also great differences.

Black and mixed skin are thicker and more resilient, which means that they age less quickly and the appearance of wrinkles occurs much later than on white skin. Now you know why Pharell has been 25 since 1980, and also because he uses Oju-Wa (source: Tqt).

However, when dark skin is not in a hot and humid environment or from the age of 35, natural exfoliation is difficult to do. The effects of this lack of exfoliation are thickening of the skin, dehydration and a dull complexion. Its more resistant appearance does not make black skin less sensitive, quite the contrary.

Pollution, lime in the water, stress or low sunshine are negative factors for your skin that must be remedied. These attacks cause blackheads, pimples or spots.

It is also possible that your complexion is made grayish, by the lack of cell renewal, with uneven pigmentation. You absolutely have to hydrate your skin if you don't want to end up with crocodile skin and be called a humanoid reptile by the conspirators ... in short, that's another debate.

Lack of hydration can also cause pimples to appear which can leave you with complicated scars to remove, this is also a characteristic of dark skin that heals more difficult.

Your skin therefore requires specific needs, a good hydration that you can provide thanks to our " CARE "If your skin is rather dry or our" MAST If your skin is oily. (You can understand your skin type using our dedicated article) 

Why not take a classic NIVEA type cream, you tell me? Are you using a Phillips screwdriver to screw in a flat screw? well it’s the same, this will more or less work but it’s not suitable for the problem you have. Just look at the condition of your flat screw after you've screwed it in with the Phillips screwdriver (Yes, we're good at making metaphors in the team).

You also need regular exfoliation by making rather gentle scrubs to facilitate cell renewal.

In general, it is necessary to take care of your skin on a daily basis in order to control the appearance of pimples, irritations or the various skin attacks that you encounter on a daily basis.

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