Skincare Basics: Mistakes We Make

1. Wash with too hot water

Washing under a jet of hot water is a pleasure shared by all, on the other hand the use of water that is too hot dries up skin and dehydrated. We recommend that you do not stay more than 15 minutes under hot water.

2. Shave before the shower

In order to avoid ingrown hairs, it is necessary to shave after the shower, the shower opens the pores of the skin and an optimal shave.

3. Do not moisturize your skin right after the shower

The shower pumps water from the epidermis, making the skin dry. We advise you to wait a minute to allow theevaporation water then use a good moisturizer (CARE) as well as a milk moisturizing for the body.

4. Wash with a 2 in 1 shower gel

Like many men, you may have a tendency to use a single shower gel for the body and the hair, maybe you also use it to clean your face, however, be aware that this practice is to be avoided. . This use is not suitable, indeed two-in-one gels are aggressive for the face, now consider using a cleanser specific for the face. (CLEAN cleaner)

5. Use any cream or oil

Gentlemen! It is time to stop using your partner's cream, or stop using any cream. Dexeryl is not adapted for your face too (some will recognize themselves). The goal is to choose the cream that will suit your skin type. (Take a look at our article to find your skin type). The use of an unsuitable cream could be the cause of skin problems such as pimples, too oily skin ...

6. Do not use sunscreen

Many people don't know it, but black and mixed skin types need sunscreen. The sun's rays are harmful for health, you must therefore protect your skin with an SPF of 15 minimum. The sun is also not good if you have pimples or wounds, it will cause unsightly stains.

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