Skincare basics: How does my black / mixed skin work?


You who have black or mixed skin, you would like to take care of your skin, we keep telling you to take care of it, but then where to start?
First of all, you have to know that to take care in such a way effective and fair you have to know your skin. We will go over the basics together: black skin is thicker than white skin, but it is nonetheless sensitive. Pollution and cold affect it, our skin very quickly finds itself dehydrated. It heals less quickly, causing unsightly stains due to everyday imperfections for example.
Little is known about the care of black skin despite the fact that it requires a lot of attention. To better understand these inconveniences, we will explain step by step how these effects are explained as well as the solutions that exist.




How? 'Or' What ?

In winter, black and mixed skins suffer from the decrease in humidity in the air. This results in dry skin and a dull complexion. The skin becomes rough, tight and often itches. To fight against this feeling of discomfort, you need to hydrate your skin deeply.

The solutions :

Give them as much hydration as possible. The CARE cream will suit perfectly, enriched with jojoba oil it will perform a nourishing, moisturizing but also healing action.


 How? 'Or' What ?

Black and mixed skin are more sensitive: they mark easily and heal less quickly. The slightest imperfection is often followed by a repair phase which results in the appearance of brown spots.

The solutions:

Hydration and Protection! 

Hydration is, as we repeat, a step mandatory. We recommend you choose the MAST fluid if you have oily skin or CARE cream if you have dry skin. Sun protection will also be your essential in summer, favor an SPF of 15 to 30. 


Ingrown hairs

How? 'Or' What ?

When a hair grows, it grows through the dermis, but sometimes the skin is too thick he fails to get through. The hardness of the hairs can also be the cause of ingrown hairs.

The solutions :

Hydration and Exfoliation!

Our CARE cream fortified with fruit acid is a great way to reduce the marks caused by ingrown hairs. The facial scrub is ideal for removing dead skin and thus refining the skin texture. Once or twice a week use a gentle exfoliant to remove impurities, an overly abrasive or too regular exfoliation should be avoided, your skin is sensitive. 








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