The problems of shaving on black skin.

Shaving on dark skin is often problematic, due to the frizzy nature of the hair. This is because the hair being curved tends to either curl up in the skin, without being able to come out, or to reenter the skin because of the curvature of the hair. These phenomena lead to skin inflammation, responsible for pimples on the beard area, which themselves lead to black spots.

To avoid getting razor spots, you should shave with the grain. You must therefore shave your skin:

  • From top to bottom on cheeks, mustache and chin.
  • From bottom to top at the neck.

This will promote good hair regrowth.

Now that you are clean shaven, apply a moisturizer. It is essential to hydrate your skin, especially for black or mixed-race skin, who generally have very sensitive skin.

We also recommend that you exfoliate your skin regularly using a scrub to remove dead cells and promote hair regrowth through thinner skin.

By hydrating your skin you will also hydrate the hair follicle where the hair takes root, which will give a stronger and thicker hair. This will make it easier for her to grow straight and break through the skin and will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs.

To hydrate your skin after shaving, we have designed a product in collaboration with @ruffledcorner, a barber from Lyon.

It's happening very soon, Stay tuned!

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